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Arbin recently showcased our new technology at the ARPA-E meeting, where Dr. Ellen Williams, the Director of the Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E), stopped by our booth to discuss the status of the project.  Dr. Williams congratulated Arbin on the commercialization of the Precision Power Battery Tester and is excited to hear the impact of our new equipment on the market. A brief summary of our project with Ford Motor Company and Sandia National Lab can be found on the ARPA-E website.

The end of 2015 marked the completion of a 3-year ARPA-E project with Arbin Instruments, Ford Motor Company, and Sandia National Lab.  Arbin successfully accomplished the goal of this project by creating a new testing system capable of performing coulombic efficiency measurements with 50ppm precision at 200A that will dramatically reduce the development cycle for testing batteries and evaluating new battery materials.  These ultra-high precision testers are available.

Derived from this project, Arbin’s new Precision series of equipment also incorporates much of the technology developed during this time and is replacing our BT2000 generation of testers.  Multiple tiers of specifications are available since not all applications demand the ultra-high precision coulombic efficiency measurements.  However, even standard systems are a significant technical leap above the old industry standards.

Pictured Above: Arbin’s VP of Sales, Antony Parulian, & the Director of the Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy, Dr. Ellen Williams, discussing Arbin’s project at the recent ARPA-E Meeting 

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