Arbin HS21044 High Speed Pulse Battery Tester

HS Series

Product Highlights

Input Voltage -5~10V
Maximum Voltage 0.001~10V
Channel Numbers 4~32

High-Speed Pulse Testing with Arbin’s HSP Systems

Capable of 100 μS pulses, our HSP testers are designed for applications requiring high-speed, multi-stage pulse testing. These systems allow you to run independent pulse and simulation profiles on each channel simultaneously. Arbin’s HSP series features a minimum pulse width of 100 μS, a rise time as fast as 10 μS, and simultaneous pulse generation and data logging. For custom needs, the HSP systems also allow for user-defined pulse profiles with 2-30 stages.

Simulate Pulse Profiles for a Range of Applications

Arbin’s HSP series is able to simulate pulse profiles for telecom applications, including GSM, CDMA, iDEN, GPRS, and others. These testing systems are able to perform custom-defined pulse profiles as required for medical devices, power tools, consumer electronics, and additional applications requiring multi-stage pulse testing. The HSP testers are suitable for conducting testing protocols that include UL1642, UN38.3, MOTO, Apple, IEC62133, GB/T 18287-2000, and more.

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