Ultra High Precision Battery Testing

For battery applications that demand both high power and long-term performance, precision is an essential testing factor. Higher precision assists researchers in quickly identifying battery performance signals, leading to more efficient and accurate long-term forecasts. Arbin’s high-precision battery testing solutions provide precision that can be relied on to move battery innovation forward.


Ultra High-Precision Solutions for Your Battery Testing Needs

Ultra High-precision battery testing solutions from Arbin Instruments address the following applications:

  • HPC Measurements (Coulombic Efficiency)
  • Electrochemical R&D, Battery, and Supercapacitor Testing
  • Half-Cell Testing and Materials Research
  • Life Cycle Testing

Accelerated Innovation with Ultra High-Precision Test Equipment

Artificially accelerated life cycle testing protocols result in aggressive test patterns and alter battery performance in unrealistic ways. By supporting more realistic calendar-life use profiles, Arbin’s high-precision testing systems (HPS) allow researchers to see the minute trends and nuances in data that are the first signs of battery degradation – without resorting to these flawed, accelerated methods. This approach can screen out less promising materials and shorten battery development time by focusing on precision rather than speed.


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