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Arbin is a global leader in manufacturing test equipment for batteries and other energy storage device applications. We invest nearly half our profits back into research & development to ensure we stay ahead of industry trends (and our competitors). As a privately-owned company, Arbin promotes a family/team-oriented culture with regular company-wide events and a friendly atmosphere.

Arbin team members meeting

Working at Arbin

Arbin offers a great balance of work and leisure whether you enjoy the great outdoors, or the great indoors. During lunch, employees frequent several walking trails around Arbin’s property when the weather is nice or make internal laps around our 65k sq. Ft. facility. If fishing is more your style, a covered deck offers relaxation in the well-stocked pond.  Another common occurrence during lunch and after work is to hear the familiar patter of ping pong balls and joyful exclamation on one of three table tennis courts.

Ways to Help Our Team

Arbin is a thriving company in the thriving energy storage industry. We are always looking for highly qualified individuals in the departments listed below. Please submit your resume if you are interested in contributing to our team.

Research and Development: 

From custom projects to improving existing designs, Research and Development has been one of Arbin’s primary strengths since the beginning. Arbin needs qualified Electrical and Mechanical Engineers for circuit and hardware design for our entire range of products. 


Arbin has developed multiple software interfaces for our testing systems over the years and needs qualified Software Engineers to develop and maintain existing and new products, as well as to develop internal sales and support database tools.

Customer Support: 

Arbin prides itself on world-class customer support. Arbin needs qualified engineers to troubleshoot and improve on existing designs in both software and hardware. 


Arbin offers several standard product lines, but customization is one of our biggest strengths. Therefore, Arbin hires Engineers and other technically oriented people that can communicate our products effectively and provide customers with solutions that fulfill their particular battery testing needs. 

Please submit resumes to [email protected]
or submit your resume online through the form linked below.

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