Group Management Channel Synchronization

Solution Highlight

  • Group channels that are within the same chamber for testing
  • Synchronize the testing of multiple IV channels within the same chamber
  • Keep temperature requirements consistent across grouped channels
  • Treat all the IV channels in a chamber as a group for testing
  • Insert a “Pause” step to hold channels until all grouped channels complete the test step

Synchronize Channels with the Pause->T_Chamber Step Type

The temperature chambers supported by Arbin can hold multiple batteries inside each chamber, each assigned to its own channel. To ensure that temperature requirements are the same for all batteries in a chamber, testing must be synchronized for the batteries and channels. When the Pause->T_Chamber Step is added to a test schedule, any IV channel that reaches this Step will wait here until all of the channels in the same chamber reach that Step. From there, the grouped channels will proceed to the next Step together.

Automated, Logical Temperature Control within Temperature Chambers

Group Management Channel Synchronization also lends automated logic to temperature control within a temperature chamber. When multiple IV channels in the same group are under test, the chamber temperature is set by the IV channel with the lowest ID value. This automated control avoids conflicting temperature requirements and does not require any additional configuration after Group Management Channel Synchronization is implemented.


Enhance Your Battery Testing Process with Group Management Channel Synchronization

Group Management Channel Synchronization builds on the capabilities and efficiencies of your battery test data management system. Contact us today to learn more about the features of this data management option and how it integrates with the complete Arbin testing system.

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