Gamry EIS Integration


Cell and materials researchers are always seeking methods to better utilize their testing equipment.  For years, Arbin Instruments has provided high-performance, multi-channel testing systems solutions to researchers— price to offer maximum value for cycling experiments.

EIS features demand more expensive, specialized hardware, and historically, Arbin’s AC impedance or Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) features have been limited.  Other equipment manufacturers, such as Gamry Instruments, have excelled in providing its customers with equipment geared for EIS testing in laboratories.

When considering equipment options, researchers must consider their requirements, testing system features and the overall cost per channel.  Equipment with EIS capabilities cost significantly more per channel, and this cost can dissuade some researchers who operate under limited budgets.

Arbin and Gamry Instruments have collaborated to create a high-value product that supplements the multi-channel economy and cycling performance of the Arbin LBT-generation systems with the EIS features of the Gamry 5000P, 5000E or 1000E system.  Now, a Gamry unit can be utilized by an 8-channel Arbin LBT unit –drastically improving the duty cycle of your lab’s Gamry unit.

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