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Weeks after a potential million-mile battery was announced, automotive company Lucid Motors has announced a new all-electric vehicle with a range of 517 miles. Most EVs currently on the market have a range of 200-300 miles. Currently, Tesla has the EV with the longest range at about 400 miles. The extra distance could significantly move the EV market further.

Set to debut in 2021, Lucid Motors has also announced a range of other key features of the Lucid Air sedan that could place it at the top of the luxury electric vehicle market. They not only address present concerns, such as range anxiety, but also look toward the future of energy storage solutions.

Here is what we know so far:

Long range

Lucid Motors claims that their Lucid Air Sedan will have a range of 517 miles in one single charge. With range and frequent charging being some of the major reasons why many are hesitant to invest in an electric vehicle, this could be a significant push to EV adoption.

The company began as battery maker and supplier Atieva. With all-electric racing series Formula E as a customer, it is clear why they are capable of designing such a battery and vehicle. Electric racing cars would require stable and durable batteries to meet high power and energy demands of the race. Moreover, because of the added risks in racing, the battery would certainly have to be extra safe and reliable. The experience accumulated from designing race-car batteries would certainly be valuable in creating a long-range, safe, and sturdy electric vehicle.

A battery with this capacity would also place the Air Sedan on par with internal combustion engine vehicles in terms of range, further making EVs a much stronger competitor against traditional cars.

Rapid charging

Not only has Lucid Motors promised a long-range vehicle, they have also said the new sedan will be the “fastest charging electric vehicle ever offered.” The charger that they have designed is a 900-volt charger with a peak charging rate of over 300 kW. This translates to charge rates of about 20 miles per minute, meaning that it can reach the full 517 miles charge in about half an hour. 

There are many different levels of EV chargers available; the time it takes to charge an EV can range from anywhere between 30 minutes to a full day depending on the charger. Lucid Motors is planning to build a network of public fast-charging stations that provide for their 900-volt charger, perfect to top up mileage on-the-go during long-range trips.

Bi-direcitonal charging

For now, rapid charging is mainly available from public charging stations but has not yet been adapted for home use. This is because home electric systems are not yet adapted to handle the power demands of rapid charging. However, Lucid Motors is designing a home charger that looks ahead toward the future.

The motor company is developing a home charging system that offers bi-directional charging. Most chargers are unidirectional, moving energy from the electrical grid to the car. A bidirectional charger allows the car to double as an energy source, powering the home off-grid when needed. It also means that energy could be sold back to the grid when there is a demand. 

Innovations in technology set the tone and define the future of the industry. In a maturing industry such as that of EVs, features like rapid and bi-directional charging might soon become must-haves in the near future. This in turn could redefine how energy is used, stored, and generated, 

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