大多数设备在一天中的能源消耗率并不恒定。大型应用,如 电动汽车电网存储 go through periods of high and low energy demand. Even portable devices such as smartphones or laptops may be more heavily used at certain times of the day. How something is used – charged and discharged – has an effect on the overall health of a battery. By testing a battery with a simulation that mimics how a device is used in real life, manufacturers can more accurately estimate the performance of a consumer product battery over time and identify the areas that need improvement.


Good battery testing equipment with features that can support accurate simulations can go a long way. Arbin’s 再生电池测试系列(RBT) 是为动态测试配置文件而优化的。以下是能够支持这一点的几个关键特征。








As with all of Arbin’s equipment, the RBT series has 高分辨率 at 24-bit, compared with the industry standard of 16-bit. This means that even the smallest change in current or voltage is visible to a greater number of digits, catching even the smallest patterns or deviations in a battery’s performance.

On top of all of the aforementioned features, Arbin’s RBT is equipped with high-efficiency circuitry and power density. With regenerative circuitry, power is sent back to the grid when discharging, which lowers the energy costs of running the testing equipment. The RBT has a regenerative efficiency of 90-92%, providing testers with a more environmentally-friendly and cost-effective battery testing solution.

高质量的电池测试设备可以支持电池和电池供电设备的研究和开发。 联系我们 现在就来看看我们能如何支持你的下一个挑战。