Product Highlights

Product Series RBT Series
Input Voltage 480V3P
Maximum Voltage 1000V
Maximum Current 200A
Channel Numbers 6
Chassis Size 41W67D81H


  • dQ/dV & Coulombic Efficiency (HPC) Measurements
  • Life Cycle Testing
  • Symmetric-Cell Testing
  • Cyclic and Linear Sweep Voltammetry
  • Chronoamperometry
  • Chronocoulometry
  • Chronopotentiometry
  • Multi-Electrode Testing
  • EIS (Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy)
  • Half-Cell Testing and Materials Research

Options and Auxiliaries

  • EIS
  • Aux Voltage
  • Aux Temperature
  • MZTC Multi-Chamber
  • Chamber Interface
  • Analog I/O Digital I/O
  • Auto-Calibration
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)
  • Redundant Safety Monitoring System (RSMS)
  • 3E Coin Cell Holder
  • Battery Holders and Racks


General Description
System Name System-RBT35013-(36~1000)V/500V-200A/100A/50A-130kW-6CH-320kW(PM)-480V3P
Number of Channels 6
Circuit Type PWM Circuit
Country of Origin USA
Hardware Specification
Voltage Ranges 36V ~ 1000V
Measurement Resolution 16bit
Measurement Precision ±0.01% FSR
Measurement Accuracy ±0.05% FSR
Control Resolution 16bit
Vrange at Charge Current 0V ~ 1000V
Vrange at Max Discharge Current 36V ~ 1000V
Input Impedance 4M Ohm
Voltage Control Mode Analog
Hardware Voltage Clamp Yes
Current Ranges 200A/100A/50A
Measurement Resolution 16bit
Measurement Precision ±0.01% FSR
Measurement Accuracy ±0.05% FSR
Control Resolution 16bit
Current Rise Time ≤10ms*
Time required for current output to get from 10% to 90% of FSR.
Max. Continuous Power Output 130000W
Time Minimum Step Time 5ms
Data Logging Rate 2000 points per second per system
Measurement Resolution 100 μs
Main Chassis
Chassis Size (W x D x H) 41'' x 67'' x 81''
Cooling method Air-cooled with built-in variable speed fans; no infrastructure is required. Three feet clearance around chassis.
Working Temperature Range 0 ~ 30 °C
Connection to PC TCP/IP (Ethernet)
AC Power Input Single Phase Requirement Three Phase Requirement
Voltage 220 480
Max Power 4000 176000
Max Current/Phase 18 212
Circuit Breaker 20 250
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Built-in Hardware
Auto-Calibration Interface* No
EIS/ACIM Interface** Yes
Digital I/O No
CAN BUS Optional
Aux Voltage N/A
Measurement Accuracy N/A
Input Impedance N/A
Aux Temperature No
Temperature Range N/A
Measurement Accuracy N/A
Data Log
Minimum log interval per channel 1ms
Data Recording Criteria ΔTime, ΔV, ΔI, ΔPulseCycle
*Autocalibration box is sold separately.
**EIS testing device is sold separately.
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