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Tesla’s Upcoming Battery Innovations

By Arbin Team / October 5, 2020 / Comments Off on Tesla’s Upcoming Battery Innovations

Tesla’s Battery Day, where upcoming projects and innovations are announced to investors, was held at the end of September. There were two anticipated announcements: the million-mile battery and a battery price point of $100/kWh, the price at which analysts believe would officially place Electric Vehicles on par with Internal Combustion Engines.  While no official announcement […]

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MRI Scanning and Batteries

By Arbin Team / September 30, 2020 / Comments Off on MRI Scanning and Batteries

One of the biggest challenges in the development and optimization of battery technology is difficulty in observing what’s happening inside of the battery itself. However, there’s a new ally in the movement toward the future of energy storage – magnetic resonance imaging, also known as MRI. This technology, which commonly conjures up images of medical […]

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Batteries: A Day in the Life

By Arbin Team / September 24, 2020 / Comments Off on Batteries: A Day in the Life

You may not realize it, but batteries – and the latest innovations in the battery industry – impact nearly every part of your day-to-day life. Batteries have always helped power the world, but their applications and importance are growing all the time, particularly in the wake of movements for cleaner energy, sustainability, efficiency and more. […]

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Introduction to Supercapacitors

By Arbin Team / September 15, 2020 / Comments Off on Introduction to Supercapacitors

Though most common, chemical batteries are not the only way to store energy. Another device that is constantly being researched and improved is the supercapacitor. The supercapacitor stores electricity as static rather than chemical energy. While they can’t match up to batteries in energy capacity, they do have clear advantages that secure them a place […]

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Robotics in Prosthetics

By Arbin Team / September 9, 2020 / Comments Off on Robotics in Prosthetics

When you think of batteries and, more specifically, Arbin’s role in the research that is driving the battery industry forward, it’s likely you picture electric vehicles and other stalwarts of the industry that have gained momentum and become more visible over the past several years. However, Arbin’s role in the battery industry extends well beyond […]

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Range Anxiety-Free Electric Vehicle

By Arbin Team / September 4, 2020 / Comments Off on Range Anxiety-Free Electric Vehicle

Weeks after a potential million-mile battery was announced, automotive company Lucid Motors has announced a new all-electric vehicle with a range of 517 miles. Most EVs currently on the market have a range of 200-300 miles. Currently, Tesla has the EV with the longest range at about 400 miles. The extra distance could significantly move […]

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What is a flow battery?

By Arbin Team / September 1, 2020 / Comments Off on What is a flow battery?

A flow battery, also known as a redox flow battery (from the words reduction and oxidation), is a liquid-based rechargeable cell. In a traditional battery, the electrolyte is the medium through which electrons can travel between the cathode and anode. In a flow battery, the anode and cathode themselves are electrolyte solutions. In the most […]

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The Role of Grid Storage in Smart Grids and Smart Cities

By Arbin Team / July 27, 2020 / Comments Off on The Role of Grid Storage in Smart Grids and Smart Cities

Grid Storage What would the city of the future look like? With the advent of technology, people have been speculating for decades what a future fully integrated with technology would look like. Nowadays, a city of the future is expected to not only integrate technology and the Internet of Things into every aspect of everyday […]

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How Battery Materials Can Affect Battery Efficiency

By Arbin Team / July 25, 2020 / Comments Off on How Battery Materials Can Affect Battery Efficiency

The chemical composition of a battery can be very delicate. The active materials within the cell work together in the energy releasing process and the choice of materials can determine the efficiency of the battery. However, undesired chemical reactions can also occur, affecting the safety and longevity of the cell. Different materials can cause unwanted […]

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Game-changing Million Mile Electric Vehicle Battery

By Arbin Team / July 15, 2020 / Comments Off on Game-changing Million Mile Electric Vehicle Battery

Chinese car battery manufacturers CALT announced that it is ready to produce a battery that can last for 1.2 million miles across the span of 16 years. This is double the lifespan and eight-times the mileage of current EV batteries, the best of which are typically warrantied for up to 150,000 miles for 8-10 years. […]

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