LBT21 Series

Product Highlights

Channel Voltage -5~20V
Channel Current 0.0001~500A
Channel Number 1~240
LBT SERIES lbt21084 front view

Arbin’s Solution for a Range of Cell Testing Requirements

Arbin’s Laboratory Battery Testing (LBT) series offers industry-leading hardware, high-precision measurements, and high-frequency data sampling for cell battery testing. True bipolar circuitry ensures cross-zero linearity with no switching time between charge and discharge. Each channel on an LBT21 system provides four current ranges with industry-leading 24-bit resolution and powerful embedded controllers for ultra-fast data logging. With these capabilities and more, Arbin’s LBT21 Series is suitable for applications including battery life cycle testing, symmetric-cell testing, multi-electrode experiments, and more.

Battery Testing Systems for High-Current Cell Testing Applications

Arbin’s LBT21 Series includes our LBT Cell HC battery test equipment, designed for high-current cell applications. With all of the features of our core LBT systems, our standard models in this LBT21 Series subset range from 5V - 30A to 10V - 250A. The LBT Cell HC testers are ideal for high-current life-cycle testing, cell grading, cell-level quality control, and other types of battery cell tests.

LBT21-SERIES lbt21084hc front view

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